With Farmers Bank's debit card program, you are also backed by a Fraud Center. As part of our commitment to protecting the security of your account, we continuously monitor for possible fraudulent activity. The Fraud Center provides 24-hour transaction monitoring for unusual or suspicious activity and then notifies you of that activity by text, phone and/or email alerts. 
Some tips that can protect your account and card security:
  • Update your contact information with us. We (or the Fraud Center) will not be able to notify or verify activity if we do not have your current contact information. 
  • If fraud is suspected, you will receive a text, phone call and/or an email alerting you. Please call the number provided to you by the Fraud Center to verify the activity.
  • Responding to the auto-dialer or email as directed is the best and fastest way to confirm fraud or no fraud.
  • Let us know before you go! We have security measures in place on our debit cards to help protect against fraud and if not alerted, we may think a thief - not you - are making fun-filled vacation purchases and block your card. Please call us at (712) 262-3340 or (800) 249-3340 and let us know where you will be going as well as when you'll return. Also, there are certain areas/countries that are on our blocked list but we can exempt your card in that destination when you need it. It is important to make arrangements ahead of time.
  • For lost or stolen Debit Cards, please call (888) 297-3416 within the US or (206) 389-5200 outside of the US.
  • For lost or stolen Credit Cards, please call (800) 423-7503.
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