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Board of Directors: 
Christopher Bjornstad 
Attorney - Cornwall, Avery, Bjornstad and Scott 
Jack Easter 
Retired, President/C.E.O. - Farmers Trust & Savings Bank 
Paul Easter 
Easters, Inc. 
Easter Enterprises, Inc. 
Martha Easter-Wells 
Easters, Inc. 
Easter Enterprises, Inc. 
J. Douglas Hart 
Owner/General Manager - H&N Chevrolet 
John W. Jensen 
Partner of Jensen Farms, Inc. 
Director of Information and Financial Services,  
  CommStock Investments, Inc. 
Bruce Lamport 
Retired, Partner - Stubs Ranch Kitchen 
Paul Sieh 
Partner of Sieh Farm Drainage 
Partner of Sieh Farms 
David W. Woodcock 
President/C.E.O. - Farmers Trust & Savings Bank 
David W. Woodcock 
Michael P. Bryan 
Executive Vice President/Senior Lender 
Debbie L. Sundall 
Sr. Vice President/Cashier/Human Resources 
Bryan K. Harken 
Vice President/C.F.O. 
Sidney D. Fitch  
Vice President Commercial Lending  
Rita S. Hoffman 
Vice President Real Estate Lending 
Kent C. Nelson 
Vice President Ag Lending 
Julie A. Weaver  
Vice President Information Technology  
Christin A. Lee 
Assistant Vice President Commercial Lending  
Jared P. Gerlock 
Assistant Vice President Information Technology 
Peggy J. Huckfelt 
Consumer Loan Officer 
John L. Beneke 
Credit Analyst 
Debra A. Schueller 
Compliance Officer 

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